Saturday, May 26, 2012

*** why Veganism (Raw-eating)?! ***

Nowadays, we rarely can find anyone who is whole healthy, because we have many stresses in daily life and also a polluted environment can damage to all people & all creatures in that area, which unfortunately at this time most of the Earth is polluted with different kinds of chemical and industrial pollutions. These are some bitter facts in our lives.
But the most important and effective thing in health is feeding, and without a nice feeding, expecting for health is like a joke! So a nice feeding manner is very very necessary for everyone who wants to be healthy and that’s clear that you can’t include FastFoods and full-hormone meats as healthy foods! Yeah! Junk foods can’t help you to remain healthy at all.
Last year, I searched about health and ways to remain healthy, and for the first time, I read an article about Raw-eating in a Persian website, which briefly was an experience from an Iranian doctor on 2 ringdoves which didn’t eat any baked foods to that time, and after he forced them to eat baked rice for 2 weeks, the poor ringdoves became very weak and couldn’t fly again!
That was very interesting for me because it stated that only human bake and cook his foods, so only the humankind has hundreds types of maladies! And also, every animal use our foods, it will become sick very soon!
So I continued to research and read different books about this subject in my free time, and after 6 months, I read an old Persian book about Raw-eating which change my life forever. This book was published 35 years ago in IRAN and I read its PDF version after 35 years! But its contents seemed new to me because I didn’t hear about such subjects from TV and other media.
At that time I suffered from headaches and stomachaches. I read the completely philosophy of Raw-eating and about natural detoxification in that book, and also I read about advantages of veganism in other articles. So I decided to try it and see its influences on me and said to myself: if it’s nice, so I will continue my Veganism and specially Raw-eating.
I tried veganism and after one month, my headaches & stomachaches disappeared and I had better feeling. It was terrific! I became better without any medicine and although some of fruits and foods was not organic, but I got a good result! This is the best feeding method that I had seen and I wanted to continue it, but I worried about lack of protein because of not to use meats, and lack of calcium because of not to use milk and dairies, which later I found that all of these worries was useless and unreal, because meats & dairies make our bloods acidic (acidic blood is cause of most sicknesses) and about protein and calcium, these vital materials exist in vegetal foods as enough as we need (or even more than our need) and if we always use different fruits & vegetables, all of our body needs will be supplied and for prove this statement, we can do a search about vegan athletes and other vegan people which they are vegan for several decades and they don’t have any problem. Some vegan people are vegan from childhood and they didn’t use any animal product, and as result, they are the healthiest people in the world (you can do a search and find vegan children who are whole healthful). Also, this is not difficult to understand that a tortured animal which has a very short lifetime in compare with its natural type, it and its products can’t useful for our body at all!
Now I’m a Vegan for more than 4 months and I’m feeling very better than before. I think Veganism isn’t difficult and now, I’m an 80% Raw-eater vegan. Raw-eating is more important because enzymes in raw foods are very vital to better digestion of foods in our bodies, while all of these useful enzymes disappear in baked foods. So, 100% Raw-eating is very better but if it’s not possible, we should be at least 80% Raw-eater, then we can expect remain healthy. I myself, hope to continue my veganism and increase my raw-eating to 95%!
But Veganism advantages are more than it! Yes.
Veganism is the easiest way to keep and improve the environment, because 51% of produced methane in the earth is produced by several billion animals which human foster them to finally kill them! This is unbelievable that these animals produce more methane than industries, but this is the fact.
Veganism is also cheaper than the wrong meat-eating regime. Of course vegan foods are different and can be cheap or expensive, but totally is very cheaper than meat-eating and also you can save your money because you don’t need to pay it for doctor and medicine in normal situation! (you perhaps need doctors only in casualties or very dangerous & compulsive situation.)
So, if most of people became vegan, it has very positive influence on the economy. There is no doubt in it.
if you have any doubt about these statements, you can do more research about it, because with more research, subjects will become more distinct.
At the end, Veganism is also an ethical way of feeding. I can’t believe that excruciate of animals with arrest them in a small place, using hormones and medicines is moral! This action of human even worse than wild animals, because wild animals at least don’t excruciate other animals like human! And also carnivorous animals don’t have other ways to remain healthy (although even sometimes some of them become vegan! like vegan dogs!) but this is not good reason for human to kill other animals for food, while he/she has access to different delicious kinds of vegetative foods. And also if there is no food except an animal, human should eat it in raw state, like Eskimos. Raw meat is very unsavory for us, while raw fruits and vegetables are very tasty. Also if there is no vegetable, there is no animal! So the most important foods for all animals & creatures are vegetables…
So please: Go Vegan, Save the Earth, and improve the economic situation!