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*** why Veganism (Raw-eating)?! ***

Nowadays, we rarely can find anyone who is whole healthy, because we have many stresses in daily life and also a polluted environment can damage to all people & all creatures in that area, which unfortunately at this time most of the Earth is polluted with different kinds of chemical and industrial pollutions. These are some bitter facts in our lives.
But the most important and effective thing in health is feeding, and without a nice feeding, expecting for health is like a joke! So a nice feeding manner is very very necessary for everyone who wants to be healthy and that’s clear that you can’t include FastFoods and full-hormone meats as healthy foods! Yeah! Junk foods can’t help you to remain healthy at all.
Last year, I searched about health and ways to remain healthy, and for the first time, I read an article about Raw-eating in a Persian website, which briefly was an experience from an Iranian doctor on 2 ringdoves which didn’t eat any baked foods to that time, and after he forced them to eat baked rice for 2 weeks, the poor ringdoves became very weak and couldn’t fly again!
That was very interesting for me because it stated that only human bake and cook his foods, so only the humankind has hundreds types of maladies! And also, every animal use our foods, it will become sick very soon!
So I continued to research and read different books about this subject in my free time, and after 6 months, I read an old Persian book about Raw-eating which change my life forever. This book was published 35 years ago in IRAN and I read its PDF version after 35 years! But its contents seemed new to me because I didn’t hear about such subjects from TV and other media.
At that time I suffered from headaches and stomachaches. I read the completely philosophy of Raw-eating and about natural detoxification in that book, and also I read about advantages of veganism in other articles. So I decided to try it and see its influences on me and said to myself: if it’s nice, so I will continue my Veganism and specially Raw-eating.
I tried veganism and after one month, my headaches & stomachaches disappeared and I had better feeling. It was terrific! I became better without any medicine and although some of fruits and foods was not organic, but I got a good result! This is the best feeding method that I had seen and I wanted to continue it, but I worried about lack of protein because of not to use meats, and lack of calcium because of not to use milk and dairies, which later I found that all of these worries was useless and unreal, because meats & dairies make our bloods acidic (acidic blood is cause of most sicknesses) and about protein and calcium, these vital materials exist in vegetal foods as enough as we need (or even more than our need) and if we always use different fruits & vegetables, all of our body needs will be supplied and for prove this statement, we can do a search about vegan athletes and other vegan people which they are vegan for several decades and they don’t have any problem. Some vegan people are vegan from childhood and they didn’t use any animal product, and as result, they are the healthiest people in the world (you can do a search and find vegan children who are whole healthful). Also, this is not difficult to understand that a tortured animal which has a very short lifetime in compare with its natural type, it and its products can’t useful for our body at all!
Now I’m a Vegan for more than 4 months and I’m feeling very better than before. I think Veganism isn’t difficult and now, I’m an 80% Raw-eater vegan. Raw-eating is more important because enzymes in raw foods are very vital to better digestion of foods in our bodies, while all of these useful enzymes disappear in baked foods. So, 100% Raw-eating is very better but if it’s not possible, we should be at least 80% Raw-eater, then we can expect remain healthy. I myself, hope to continue my veganism and increase my raw-eating to 95%!
But Veganism advantages are more than it! Yes.
Veganism is the easiest way to keep and improve the environment, because 51% of produced methane in the earth is produced by several billion animals which human foster them to finally kill them! This is unbelievable that these animals produce more methane than industries, but this is the fact.
Veganism is also cheaper than the wrong meat-eating regime. Of course vegan foods are different and can be cheap or expensive, but totally is very cheaper than meat-eating and also you can save your money because you don’t need to pay it for doctor and medicine in normal situation! (you perhaps need doctors only in casualties or very dangerous & compulsive situation.)
So, if most of people became vegan, it has very positive influence on the economy. There is no doubt in it.
if you have any doubt about these statements, you can do more research about it, because with more research, subjects will become more distinct.
At the end, Veganism is also an ethical way of feeding. I can’t believe that excruciate of animals with arrest them in a small place, using hormones and medicines is moral! This action of human even worse than wild animals, because wild animals at least don’t excruciate other animals like human! And also carnivorous animals don’t have other ways to remain healthy (although even sometimes some of them become vegan! like vegan dogs!) but this is not good reason for human to kill other animals for food, while he/she has access to different delicious kinds of vegetative foods. And also if there is no food except an animal, human should eat it in raw state, like Eskimos. Raw meat is very unsavory for us, while raw fruits and vegetables are very tasty. Also if there is no vegetable, there is no animal! So the most important foods for all animals & creatures are vegetables…
So please: Go Vegan, Save the Earth, and improve the economic situation!

Friday, November 4, 2011

*** interview with the Admin of Science Forums ***

Science Forums ( is a nice Forum for Science lovers in each field. It has about 60,000 members and I think it’s very useful for everyone, however it will improve and become better day by day…

This was a good chance for me to interview with the Admin of this forum which I think it’s useful for everyone to read this interview.

The Admin of the at this time is “Cap’n Refsmmat”. This is a different alias! And when I asked about its meaning, I get this answer:

Ah! "Cap'n Refsmmat" is taken out of a book I was reading when I first signed up on SFN. It was a joke from NASA in the early days of spaceflight. The term "refsmmat" means "reference to a stable member matrix," and refers to a mathematical tool used in navigation, where the spacecraft would use the positions of various stars to determine its orientation.

Apparently, one day in Mission Control, two NASA guys were talking when one noticed another controller leaving an I-owe-you note next to the coffee pot. He hadn't met this controller before, so he asked his buddy who it was. "Oh, that's Captain Refsmmat!", he replied, as a joke.

Once news of the joke spread around, another NASA guy made a large cartoon poster of Cap'n Refsmmat, the "ideal flight controller," complete with his radar helmet, slide rule, and glasses engraved with the correct de-orbit attitude for the spacecraft.

Here's a picture:

Now Read the interview below:

1_Please introduce yourself.

I'm Cap'n Refsmmat, and I've been an SFN administrator since the end of 2006. I'm a 19-year-old physics student at a Texas university with three semesters left to go.

2_ when you become interested in science? and what fields of sciences was more interesting for you?
I got into science when I was very young. In elementary school I told my parents I wanted to become a rich inventor, and I owned quite a few science books. Eventually I joined SFN when I was 12.
I've since focused on physics, and that's now what I'm aiming for a degree in. Physics fascinates me because of its strangeness. At times it makes completely counter-intuitive predictions -- but they're borne out by experiment. The universe is an interesting place.

3_ when you started Science forum and what's your aim(s) from it? what do you think about it proceeds?
SFN was first started by blike and fafalone back in 2002. I can't speak for them, but I believe their aim was to create a site for those interested in science (like themselves) to discuss it openly. That's worked fairly well. We've been running now for nine years, with a steady rate of activity for the past five. My biggest current challenge is devising means of encouraging more activity and growth, but we have a few ideas in the pipeline.

4_ can you explain about your future programs for Science Forum and its members?
Unfortunately I can't go into much detail here, since the biggest potential program is not yet finalized. We're working on a partnership with another organization, but still have to sort out the details.
In the coming months we'll also be upgrading our forum software to the latest version and working on ways to promote the Science Forums Blogs more effectively. Our blogs are a brilliant platform for the public discovery of science, but they're not marketed or flaunted on SFN very well. I'd like to give our bloggers a larger audience.

5_ what's problems about Science and education in your country and in the world? can you render solution?
Science education brings with it some tremendous challenges. Basic scientific literacy is more important than ever in our highly technological society, but our teaching methods have hardly changed in decades. If we're to advance education, we need bold new ideas -- and not just ideas for better textbooks, more funding, and more computers, but ideas for entirely new teaching strategies.
The Khan Academy ( is an example of one educational idea that I find brilliant. The goal isn't to replace teachers with a series of videos and electronic exercises; the goal is to free teachers from giving lectures, so they can spend more time doing what's important: working with students to understand their misunderstandings and solve interesting problems.
I'd like to see more of this. I'd like to see teachers able to work interactively with students to improve their understanding, rather than being forced to stand in front of the class and lecture for an hour. I'm sure there's plenty of other good ideas out there, and as popularizers of science, we need to embrace them.

6_ I write some words, please write your opinion about each word:

Science: The process by which we learn more about the universe. And who doesn't want to know how the world works?
Internet: Fascinating. I've grown up with the Internet, so I'm in no place to imagine what the world would be like without it. I'm continually amazed by my ability to think "I wonder how that works..." and find the answer in thirty seconds on Google.
Forum: A place for anyone to discuss and learn new ideas.
Future: I just can't wait to be 75, so I can grumpily tell my grandchildren how when I was their age, we didn't have any of this fantastic new technology...
Earth: A pale blue dot. (
Globalization: Every day on SFN I see members from the United States, India, Germany, the UK, China, and the Philippines. Strange to believe that we can all converse in real time.
Civilization: Seventy years from now, I wonder what we'll look back at and say, "wow, they were so uncivilized back then."
Humanity: We're such a weird species.
Mathematics: I wish I had more time to spend understanding this subject, because it's fascinating -- and it's surprising how many broad uses it has (
Astronomy: I'd like to be paid to stare at things billions of light-years away...

7_ what's your recommendation to the users of science forum? what's your recommendation to other forums like Science forum in other countries?
The public understanding of science is still lacking, and our goal should be to help improve it. If you're running a science forum of your own, think about what you can do to help teach science, correct misconceptions, or encourage greater interest in science. We're still a long way from success.

8_ if you think that you should say something to the readers of this interview, please feel free...
Learn about effective communication and teaching! We scientists -- and ordinary science hobbyists -- need to be better about communicating with the public.

I hope this interview would be useful for you. Please feel free to leave a comment.

my Profile on Science Forums:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

*** Leitner Box system, a terrific manner to learn foreign Languages ***

Learning a foreign language in beginning seems difficult for everyone. In past decades and centuries it was very difficult but now, there are many different and useful methods to learning a foreign language. I as an English learner think that we need a good method to learn each language skill (including listening, structure, reading & writing and speaking). Each language skill need a good method and I think each method is suitable for some persons and there is no method that can be satisfactory for all people to learning a foreign language. For example that’s natural if a way to learning English for children from 8-10 years is different from methods for people from 25-30 years. And also the manners for part time learners is different from full time learners….

But on the basis of my experiences in learning English, I think one of the best ways to learn and memorize English words is the method of Leitner Box that I tried it and I am very satisfied. This method help us to memorize English words in shorter time economize in our time, so it make learning language more enjoyable and easier.

In this system, we use FlashCards. You can see more information about the Leitner system in WikiPedia:

and you can see more information about FlashCard, too:

But the main point that I didn’t see it in WikiPedia, is that to learn better and more efficient, we should learn Words with their pronunciation and with their different forms. This is what I tried and I’ve got a very nice result. For example, I learnt the word “teach” in such manner:

First I wrote the Word “Teach” and also its pronunciation and kind of the word (that is Verb about this word) on one side. Then I wrote its meaning in Persian on another side. After that, I wrote other forms of this word including: “Teachable”, “Teacher” and “Teaching” each on separate Flash cards, and I write the pronunciation, kind of the word and meaning about each word, like what I did about the main word “Teach” exactly. As a result, I learnt all derivatives from the Word “Teach” and it could help me better to make new sentences. For example, after that, if I need to use an adjective from “teach” in my sentence, I know that “Teachable” is its adjective, and I remember it very soon. And also this manner helped me to memorize the word “teach” better because when we learn a word with its derivatives, in fact, we repeat it for more times, and this help us very much…

Also about the pronunciation, I wrote pronunciation of each word with phonetic alphabet on its flash card, so when I repeated the words, I repeated the pronunciations, too.

But a way that I think is another good manner and unfortunately I didn’t try it yet, is inverse learning! For example, if you are a Persian like me and you read word on flash cards and say their meaning in Persian, after you read all Flash Cards, try to read the Persian side of each Card and say its equivalent word in English with true pronunciation!! If you have extra time, this can be very good to increase your memorize skill. Of course about some words that they have several equivalents in English, you can remember and say other equivalents, too. There is no limitation in it!

Even after that you became skillful in memorize and remembering words, you can use Flash cards on the basis of English to English dictionaries. This can be good for English learners that they study English literature and TOEFL or IELTS is not enough for them!

I think this manner can be useful for learning each language. What do you think? Please write in comments…

Friday, September 9, 2011

*my writing practices for TOEFL _ NO 10*

In continuation of the previous post, I write another of my writing practices:

Writing Practice NO 10:

Subject: at the end of your life, how would you most like to be remembered? Support your response with reasons and examples.

I think life is a very expanded scene that our creator gave us to make changes in the Earth, and also God gave us freedom to choose our manner and enjoy our lives while we reach to some aims that God wants from us. Freedom is the main reason of differentiating between people and their lifestyles. I want to live in a manner that not to damage society and others at all, while I enjoy my life and reach my aims.

Like others, I have freedom and choosing power to choose my manner of life, and I have some big aims that I really want to gain all of them and I think everybody like to reach all of his/her aims in life, but there are some unchangeable things in life that have negative effects on our lives, but if I reach most of my aims during my life, this is very valuable for me…

But about my relations with society and others, I think that Isaac Newton’s third law is also true about life so what we do, we collect its results. So that’s better if I do nice acts and be kind with others, so I will attract nice things and kind friends. I want to help others specially nice and talent persons as possible as I can, and even I don’t have many expectations from helping others, but I think others will help me, too. This is on the basis of my experiences and I enjoy it.

But about my personal life, I think if I don’t harm others, I can live in each way that I want, and I think this is not very important for others, too.

So I want to be remembered as a nice, kind and useful person who make some useful changes.

*my writing practices for TOEFL _ NO 9*

In continuation of the previous post, I write another of my writing practices:

Writing Practice NO 9:

Subject: Some people prefer to marry when they are young, while others prefer to wait until they are older to marry. Discuss the advantages of each position. Then indicate which you think is better and why.

Marriage is one of the most complicated subjects in life. One of the great men says: “marriage is harder than going to global war! ” I think this sentence is true because there are many things like society situation, religion and your personal thoughts that affect on your marriage.

To marry in youth has some advantages like have more energy and more excitement to sex! But there are other and many things that you should define what you want with them, like financial problems, social problems, your family and your other aims in life that You shouldn’t and you can’t ignore them, because even if you think they are not important, they are important and they will influence your life in future. So, if marriage isn’t a prevention for other things in your life, perhaps that’s good for you to marriage, however, your life partner should accept your situation and your thoughts and also there should be a mutual love between both you, if not, some big problems will appear in future. But if you can’t marry in youth, there is no reason for hopelessness because everything isn’t sex! And have a partner in life. You can endeavor to make your life better, and after you reached your other aims, you can marry or engage easily, and you can marry with anyone that accept you and she/he is really your half-lost, who may be your friend from youth or you find him/her recently. Although marriage for girls is different from boys, but I think this is a good way for all and for this statement I have some reasons. My reason is that choose a way to have a perfect life as possible as we can. Most of successful men and women married and they have had very nice, beautiful and happy life and this shows that it’s possible to have your dreamy life only if you think to all things in your life and endeavor to reach best things. I think that another important thing in life is health and remain healthy during life. To remain healthy, you should have less stresses in your life and work, have regular exercises, have nice feeding and have anything that is goos for your health. If you have so, you can enjoy life and sexual enjoyment in each age. I wrote these paragraphs on the basis of what I have seen during my life, and I think as we think the lewdness is dirty and shameful, dirty lives and an ugly life is shameful, too, because it has some bad effects on society, and I think the governments should endeavor to improve people’s personal lives, if not, they shouldn’t expect to have a perfect nation…

But another subject is some relations that they have problem with religions, like having a sharing life without marriage. However it is not lewdness and it’s for love not for money, but some religions count it a big vice, but some persons accept it in a situation that marriage is not possible and the two persons in relation are agreeing and satisfying. As I have seen, such relations sometimes can be good and can resume and finish in a successful marriage, but sometimes are bad. I think it depends on each person that abuse it or not. I think this is a new subject that became important nowadays, and we need to a deep check and a deep conversation with psychologists and sociologists. It’s not an easy decree and perhaps for solving this subject, we should ignore some religion rules and make new rules that be suitable with modern societies. This depends on social situations…

But some people don’t want to marriage at all. I think that the society should respect their believes and also they should respect to society values and they shouldn’t extend lewdness. I myself believe that the best ages for marriage is between 30-40, when some parts of your needs and your problems become solved and also you mind was grown and you are nearer to perfection and have a good chance to marriage…

*my writing practices for TOEFL _ NO 8*

In continuation of the previous post, I write another of my writing practices:

Writing Practice NO 8:

Subject: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

“A knowledge of history is absolutely essential”

Use specific reasons and examples to support your response.

I seriously agree with this statement because no one is perfect and no one knows everything. So that’s necessary to read other people’s fates and read about their lifestyles to take lesson from them and don’t repeat the previous mistakes in our lives. For example we can take lesson from their mistakes in social subjects and their wars, so we can solve such problems and prevent from other wars in future. If we don’t pay attention to history, perhaps we repeat the old mistakes so these problems add to other problems and new problems and our situation for life becomes worse and worse. this is awful and make many persons disappointed.

Why we repeat the previous mistakes? This is not logical. So history is the great teacher of all people…

*my writing practices for TOEFL _ NO 7*

In continuation of the previous post, I write another of my writing practices:

Writing Practice NO 7:

Subject: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

“Time should never be wasted.”

Use specific reasons and examples to support your response.

I exactly agree with this sentence, because I think each time and each period has its own potential that you can achieve many things for yourself, even if you don’t have the ideal situation at a time, but you can still use the time to improve your life and make better aims to achieve your aims. You can be happy and enjoy your life if you don’t waste time. For example, I don’t have my ideal situation at this time and I have many problems in my life. But now I endeavor to make my life better and make new ways to gain my aims. But that’s not all of it, if I reach my aims in future, I will have other and perhaps different needs that I should endeavor for them. But I think the happiness possible only if I don’t waste time in youth…