Friday, September 9, 2011

*my writing practices for TOEFL _ NO 9*

In continuation of the previous post, I write another of my writing practices:

Writing Practice NO 9:

Subject: Some people prefer to marry when they are young, while others prefer to wait until they are older to marry. Discuss the advantages of each position. Then indicate which you think is better and why.

Marriage is one of the most complicated subjects in life. One of the great men says: “marriage is harder than going to global war! ” I think this sentence is true because there are many things like society situation, religion and your personal thoughts that affect on your marriage.

To marry in youth has some advantages like have more energy and more excitement to sex! But there are other and many things that you should define what you want with them, like financial problems, social problems, your family and your other aims in life that You shouldn’t and you can’t ignore them, because even if you think they are not important, they are important and they will influence your life in future. So, if marriage isn’t a prevention for other things in your life, perhaps that’s good for you to marriage, however, your life partner should accept your situation and your thoughts and also there should be a mutual love between both you, if not, some big problems will appear in future. But if you can’t marry in youth, there is no reason for hopelessness because everything isn’t sex! And have a partner in life. You can endeavor to make your life better, and after you reached your other aims, you can marry or engage easily, and you can marry with anyone that accept you and she/he is really your half-lost, who may be your friend from youth or you find him/her recently. Although marriage for girls is different from boys, but I think this is a good way for all and for this statement I have some reasons. My reason is that choose a way to have a perfect life as possible as we can. Most of successful men and women married and they have had very nice, beautiful and happy life and this shows that it’s possible to have your dreamy life only if you think to all things in your life and endeavor to reach best things. I think that another important thing in life is health and remain healthy during life. To remain healthy, you should have less stresses in your life and work, have regular exercises, have nice feeding and have anything that is goos for your health. If you have so, you can enjoy life and sexual enjoyment in each age. I wrote these paragraphs on the basis of what I have seen during my life, and I think as we think the lewdness is dirty and shameful, dirty lives and an ugly life is shameful, too, because it has some bad effects on society, and I think the governments should endeavor to improve people’s personal lives, if not, they shouldn’t expect to have a perfect nation…

But another subject is some relations that they have problem with religions, like having a sharing life without marriage. However it is not lewdness and it’s for love not for money, but some religions count it a big vice, but some persons accept it in a situation that marriage is not possible and the two persons in relation are agreeing and satisfying. As I have seen, such relations sometimes can be good and can resume and finish in a successful marriage, but sometimes are bad. I think it depends on each person that abuse it or not. I think this is a new subject that became important nowadays, and we need to a deep check and a deep conversation with psychologists and sociologists. It’s not an easy decree and perhaps for solving this subject, we should ignore some religion rules and make new rules that be suitable with modern societies. This depends on social situations…

But some people don’t want to marriage at all. I think that the society should respect their believes and also they should respect to society values and they shouldn’t extend lewdness. I myself believe that the best ages for marriage is between 30-40, when some parts of your needs and your problems become solved and also you mind was grown and you are nearer to perfection and have a good chance to marriage…

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