Friday, September 9, 2011

*my writing practices for TOEFL _ NO 4*

In continuation of the previous post, I write another of my writing practices:

Writing Practice NO 4:

Subject: some people like to visit new and different places, while others prefer to remain in places they know. Which type of person are you? Support your response with reasons and examples.

I’m a person who love to visit new places and see new cultures, because I think that everybody needs to know more about people and cultures, because we live in a world with different people and different cultures. In addition, people from countries and cities will become more connected everyday. So, some traditions in each area become changing because of globalize influence on societies. So we should see different places and different people to have more successful communication with others and as well as we recognize other people, we can introduce our country and our culture to other people and thus every culture can get some positive effects from other cultures and this is a good way to amend human cultures. Also sometimes we need to travel to other areas for other aims like study abroad or for a research, for business, for use more facilities that we need but we don’t have them in our area, and so on. So I love traveling and I think travel and seeing new places is very enjoyable for everyone.

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