Friday, September 9, 2011

*my writing practices for TOEFL _ NO 1*

I’m reading for the TOEFL but not arranged, because I have some other things to do. I started reading for TOEFL from 22 Months ago from Beginner level, and now my English become very better and I hope to get my TOEFL 4 Months later, although if I was read for TOEFL harder and more arranged, I could get it 9 Month ago. I think learning English is not very difficult but it need a high concentration that unfortunately I hadn’t!

Plus a nice English teacher that I have, I read the Book “Longman Complete Course for the TOEFL Test”. This is very useful book and it contains 4 sections in order: Listening, Structure, Reading and Writing. I finished the first 3 sections 5 Months ago then I started writing, but after 4 sessions, I disconnected going to class for about 3 Months! But now I continue my classes and I should reread the book from the first page as soon as possible because I forgot something and I need to remember them.

I think reading and writing in each way can help English learner to improve, and some nice ways are reading English websites and blogs and leave a comment, or make foreign friends online. But today I want to write some of my writing practices here as a memento and also if you want, you can write your opinion or a text that you think it’s better, in the comments. I encourage you to leave a comment!

I write each of my writings with their subjects. If you see any grammatically problem in my writings, please notify me in the comments...


Now writing practice NO 1:

Subject (in the Book): some students prefer to study alone, while other students prefer to study with others. Discuss the advantages of each type of studying. Then indicate which you prefer and why.

Study needs good concentration, however this depends on what you want to study. For example, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry need deep concentration because you have to proof many subjects in this type. While others like literature need casual concentration, but it become hard if you don’t have a good concentration and attention.

For a good study, your mind should be free from daily stresses, and there are some ways and techniques to prepare your mind for concentration on study and also increase your concentration for other works. Techniques and manners like relaxation, meditation, Yoga and so on.

But the advantage of study in a group with others is that we can concentrate all minds on the specific subject so you pay less attention to other subjects and stresses when you study in a group. (although perhaps sometimes this can’t help you because you may have a great problem that it make your mind whole busy, but study in group often is better…). This is very useful specially for hard lessons that they need deep concentration and high energy.

I for myself prefer to study with others because what I wrote in previous paragraphs, but if it’s not possible always, I study at least hard lessons with others.


What you think about this subject? Please write your opinion in comments…

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