Friday, September 9, 2011

*my writing practices for TOEFL _ NO 6*

In continuation of the previous post, I write another of my writing practices:

Writing Practice NO 6:

Subject: Some people work better during the day, while other people work better at night. Which kind of person are you, and why? Use reasons and examples to support your response.

Working during the day or at night depends on different features. For example night workers in mines and some factories are habited to work at night and sleep in the day. While this is unusual but their biologic period time are habited to their work situation. another feature that effect on work better in the day or night is the person’s health. For example if have healthy eyes, that’s easier for you to habit to work at night, however somebody who has weak eyes, can’t work at night very good because darkness and lamps light are bad and sometimes harmful for weak eyes. So I think people who have weak eyes or other sickness or problems (for example problem with sleeping or perhaps it’s a psychological sickness) can work better during the day, while healthy people can adapt easier with work at night or day…

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