Sunday, August 28, 2011

*** interview with a Brazilian programmer ***

Hi Friends!

5 years ago, I used a Registry Editor which was named: MV Reg Clean (version 5 in those days)

After 3 years, when my English became better, one day I think about to see the website of creator of this useful tool. His website is: www.Velasco.Com.Br and it’s in Brazilian (Spanish)! But in that days (2 years ago, 2009) Google translate was added Persian recently, and I translated his website in Persian. Although it was very weak for translate, but I ideated that’s better to make an interview with he. So I sent an email and requested for interview, and he accepted. This is our interview, which published on my Persian blog 2 years ago and now, I republish it here:

1 _ Please introduce yourself.

My name is Marcos Velasco, 37 years old.

28 years old in computer programming .

Job : System Analyst .

Place of birth: Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

2 _ When You began Programming? How you learned programming?

I starting programming in 1981 with 9 years old... and the first computer I use was NE-Z80 compatible with sinclair and the language is Basic resident in ROM with 1 KB ram.

3 _ If You Wrote a Program For Mobile too ?

Yes... I programming to Symbian, and now I buy a cell phone with Windows Mobile and I few months I try develop softwares to this platform, too.

4 _ How revenue Of Programming In Your Country ? ( In Iran Is Not Well
Because Iran Haven’t a clear Copy Right Law Now , And Other Problems …)

It's good here, and the main languages today is C# and Java... in Brazil, many programmers working with databases and languages to make GUI to access databases information.

5_ On which Project You are working NOW ? Can you tell me?

I'm working in many anti viruses projects, like a protector against pen drive (memory sticks) virus.

6 _ What's difficulties Of Programming In Your Country And in the World ? Can you render a solution ?

I guess the main problem is the compatibility between different programming languages. a few languages don’t have a good documentations, too.

7 _ With Which programming language you are Working?

C, C++ and Assembly is my speciality. But I am working with Visual Basic, Delphi, C# and others too...

8 _ I Write Some Words , Please You Write Your view And credo About
Which Word :

Computer: Necessary and each day better
Programming: C/C++ is the better :-)

success: Work
cigarette: I hate
civilization: Peace to all
IRAN !: A country with big technology in the future. I want to visit Iran in future !

9 _ What's Your recommendation to Programmers And Companies ?

Companies need new investiments in people (programmers) and computers area and programmers need study more and working in group to make new and good tools to make facilities to working.

Thank you


Marcos Velasco’s Website : www.Velasco.Com.Br

*** With Special Thanks From Marcos Velasco For Chip In This Interview ***

If you interviewed with a programmer or technology master, please let’s know by leaving a comment…


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