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*** interview with creator of iTweet, Colby Palmer ***


There are many Clients for twitter because programmers can work with API and change & customize it. Many people prefer to work with clients because of their features…

One of the best Clients for Twitter is “iTweet”. It’s usable for PC, iPhone and Android. See it:

Last year, I made an interview with the creator of iTweet, Mr Colby Palmer. And I published this interview on my Persian blog (in both Persian and English). Now I republish it’s English version:

On Mar 10, 2010:


1.Please introduce yourself.

Colby Palmer

Age: 33

Web Developer and Designer

Born in Colorado, USA

Lives in the San Francisco Bay Area

( Colby Palmer's official website:

2.When You began Programming ? How did You Learn Programming ?

I became interested in the Internet while in art school. Machines were becoming powerful enough that you could actually show video over the web (imagine that). I began exploring ways of making Internet-based art, and this led me down the path of "how do I build this?"

3.What’s Your Purpose of itweet ? and With Which Language You Creat it? and What’s Your Future Schedule for iTweet ?

I built iTweet originally as a web-based client for the iPhone. The interface was popular enough that people often requested a larger version of it. So I built a completely different, much faster Web version and this is what iTweet became. It allows for easy use of Twitter search, and TweetPhoto directly in the interface. It is currently pending another complete rewrite to put a database behind the front end. This will allow for multiple accounts, better friend management and much more.

4.What’s Your View About Twitter Developing ? and What’s Your Recommendation for Twitter and Face Book Developers ?

I love working with API's - however I caution developers against basing their entire business model on a 3rd-party API. Bad service or change in TOS can change your whole plan and there would be nothing you could do about it.

5.Were You Wrote a Program For Mobile, too?

Yes, try on iPhone or Android! However the site is not for WAP browsers.

6.How revenue Of Programming in Your Country ? ( in IRAN is Not Well Because IRAN Haven’t a clear Copy Right Law Now , And Other Problems …)

It is good, there is enough Internet business (especially in the San Francisco area) that I stay very busy. :)

7.On which Project You Are working NOW ? Can You tell me ?

I am working on a business collaboration tool that is launching very soon! I will announce it on my blog when it opens for signups.

8.What's difficulties Of Programming in Your Country And in the World ? Can You render A solution ?

Currently bandwidth is still an issue for serving video, and IMO http could use a bit of an upgrade. But, the nature of programming is overcoming difficulties - most programmers enjoy this. If we ran out of difficulties we would probably lose interest and move on.

9.With Which programming language You are Working ?

Python, Javascript, PHP, (X)HTML, CSS

10. I Write Some Words , Please Write Your view And credo About
Which Word :

Computer: tool
Programming: challenge
Internet: channel
Twitter: discovery
Success: independence
Cigarette: *cough*

Civilization: world community
USA: home ground
IRAN !: OMG you Guys! I need to make you a RTL version of

11.What's Your Recommendations To Programmers And Companies?

Always listen to your users. They will help you create the product they will want to use.

**** thanks from Mr Colby Palmer for take Part in my interview****

If you made an interview with a programmer or technology master, please notify me by leave a comment…

Best Luck!

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