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***interview with Mike Champion, one of “OneForty” Team members***

Twitter apps are deploying day by day and number of these applications is too much, as many people don’t know that many of these applications are in existence!

OneForty is a place to solve this problem…

One of OneForty team members is Mike Champion that you can find more information about him on his blog:

I interviewed with him last year and published it in my Persian Blog. Now I republish it here:


1.Please introduce Yourself?
Hi, I'm Mike Champion. I'm a software developer near Boston, Massachusetts.

2. When You began Programming? How did you Learn Programming?
I really didn't start programming until college, which is relatively late compared to many. I had always been interested in computers, computer games and playing around, but didn't write code until college. When I started taking Computer Science classes I was excited about this whole new world, and spent a lot of time learning C, Unix, HTML, JavaScript, Perl in short order. I was hooked!

3. What’s Your Purpose of make “One forty” website ? and With Which Language You Create it? and What’s Your Future Schedule for “One forty”?

The goal of oneforty is to make it simpler for people to find Twitter tools that make their lives easier and get the most out of Twitter. And to help developers promote & sell their products. The website is built using Ruby on Rails.

4. and How About other of your Twitter Projects? for example about
Who Should I Follow”?
"Who Should I Follow" was a project a friend and I built that gives recommendations on who to follow on Twitter. Twitter can be confusing when you first start using it, and it is a way to find interesting people to follow. It's built in Ruby on Rails and Java, for performance reasons.

5. How revenue Of Programming in Your Country ? ( In IRAN is Not Well now Because Iran Haven’t Copy Right Law Now , And Other Problems...)
Many programmers in the United States make a good living. In fact, the U.S. needs more good programmers than it currently has.

6. What’s Your View About Twitter Developing ? and What’s Your Recommendation for Twitter and Face Book Developers ?
The development of social software like Twitter & Facebook is exciting because it is relatively easy to build something that can be used by a great number of people. Twitter is fun for programmers because it is a simple API, that allows access to millions of people and lots of
interesting data. Getting started is pretty simple, but building a service that is heavily used can be tricky!

7. What's difficulties Of Programming in Your Country And in the World? Can You render a solution ?
The good news about the last 10 years is that quality information about programming is much easier to find online, and there are many platforms that are easy to get started building on. Today, any student can create a website (or a Twitter app!) that can be seen by people all around the world.

8. With Which programming language you are Working ?
These days I primarily work in Ruby plus Javascript.

9. What’s Your View About Future of Web2 and Web3 that Will be Coming in future ?
The most interesting question to me about the (near) future of web development is around mobile. Currently there is a boom in creating native mobile apps for platforms like iPhone & Android, but at the same time there is progress in mobile browsers, HTML5 and mobile
network speed. There is a cost to targeting multiple platforms, and at the same time mobile Webkit is becoming the de facto standard (with RIM embracing it for their latest OS). I'm interested to see which apps continue as mobile apps, and which remain webapps targeted for
mobile devices.

10. What's Your Recommendations To Programmers And Companies ?
That's a broad question, but I think if there is a theme it would be that you can do a lot these days for little money. For programmers, there is a lot of information online. It doesn't take much money to build interesting projects if you have the motivation and time. For companies, you can run experiments for small amounts of money to test ideas about your business.

**** thanks from Mr Mike Champion for take Part in my interview****

If you made an interview with a programmer or technology master, please notify me by leave a comment…

Best Luck!

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