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*** my interview with one of CloudSafe team members ***

Sometimes in my free time, I make interviews with technology masters. This is very fun for me and I learn some useful things from these interviews…

Last year (2010), I interviewed with one of Cloud Safe team members, and I published this interview on my Persian blog. But now, I want to share it in my English blog…

About Cloud Safe:

CloudSafe offers a secure platform for your most sensitive data sharing needs

· Create different safes for different data. Whether it be a single PIN or thousands of legal documents, you can assign to every safe different levels of access for other parties or keep access solely with you.

· Account registration on CloudSafe is always free. That means anyone you share data with can gain access to the files at no charge. You only pay to use extended features.

For more information, go to its Website:

For more acquaintance with this platform, I made an Interview with Founder of Clod Safe that you see it below:

1. Please introduce Your Company.

CloudSafe was incorporated November 2009. We started developing our platform in January 2010 and went live end of August 2010. A total of 12 people were involved in the development of

2. What’s Your Purpose of establish ? and With Which software(s) & Language(s) You create it ? and What’s Your Future Schedule for CloudSafe ?

I am working as an IT professional for many years. We were looking for a platform to exchange highly critical data (server keys, certificates and password) for our projects and we did not find any provider that satisfied our need for highly encrypted online storage. We had a look at PGP but considered the solutions quite expensive in licensing and maintenance. So we decided to develop our own solution. The project grew substantially from there. Now it´s a platform to store everything, from a single password up to thousands of files.

Most of the platform is developed in Java. Except some critical encryption functionalities.

We will offer an API in near future: So you can develop your own services or clients and use CloudSafe as a secure online storage provider. Think of backup software, password managers, secure messaging products. All could store and exchange data by using our API.

3. You have written in your Website: “Cloud Safe is not able to access your data itself. This is our guarantee.” How? Please more explain about it.

Data that arrives at our servers will be directly encrypted, chunk by chunk.* Content of any customers "safe" will be stored encrypted. For all users we use a public/private key infrastructure (as in PGP or GnuPG). Keys to the data are encrypted with the public key of the user. The private key of the user will never be stored unencrypted. It is only used the moment the user accesses his data. We will soon be offering end-to-end encryption via the API as well.

If someone would get hold of our database and of our storage he would not be able to read any of the safe content.

(* only the safe name and public description will not be encrypted since we use it in emails if you consider to share the safe content with other users on the platform)

4. What’s your supplies for Hacking and attacks ?

Well, we have a dedicated team making sure that we can identify and counter attacks on our site. We cannot go into further details for security reasons but we take this issue very seriously.

5. What's difficulties Of internet Security in Your Country And in the World ? what’s your view about it?

Germany has very strong privacy laws. We store all data on dedicated servers here in Germany. We feel confident about our laws to protect the privacy of the data stored at CloudSafe. We know that is not the case in all other countries. But our company is in Germany and we work by german law.

6. What's your Recommendations to Companies and users for guard their Data?

Take precautions for your sensitive data! There are far too many ways your data could be compromised. Set high standard in storing and exchanging data. Do not use regular cloud storage providers with unencrypted, sensitive data. And no, exchanging critical informations via email is not secure! Leaked data could be much more expensive than taking precautions now.

7. I Write Some Words , Please Write Your view And credo About Which Word :

Computer :
Useful helpers in everyday work.

Internet : Connectivity to the world. Access to amazingly lots of resources to learn.

Security: Becoming the key issue for the internet in the next 2 years.

Innovation: Much easier to innovate on the Internet. Feedback is instant.

Success : Will follow innovation.

*** With Thanks from Mr. Roberto Valerio for participate in this Interview ***

If you interviewed with a programmer or technology master, please let’s know by leaving a comment…


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